Bridge #241 on CR 32 over the Nunemaker Ditch

Summary: Replacing three existing 66″ diameter x 60′ corrugated metal culverts that are 47 years old and deteriorated with two 84″ x 90′ corrugated culverts.

Design: Elkhart County Highway

Cost Estimate: $90,000

CR 38 from CR 31 to SR 13 Corridor Reconstruction

Scheduled Completion: First Phase of CR 31 to CR 35 in 2020

Bid Price: N/A

Design: Elkhart County Highway Department

Project Summary: Full reconstruction of the CR 38 corridor will occur from CR 31 to SR 13, with added buggy lanes along the shoulders. Construction will be done in two stages, first from CR 31 to CR 35 then from CR 35 to SR 13.

Information and Updates:

October 2015 – Topographic Survey completed

May 2018 – Alignment and profile set and beginning stages of the ROW process


County Road 18, 13, & 115 Intersection Improvement

Des # 1401749


Current Status – a study of possible alternatives to improve the intersection was completed in February 2018. The preferred alternative is a peanut or elongated roundabout. Stage 1 design plans have been completed. A public informational meeting was held on Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 6:00 pm.  Public Comments are requested by October 11, 2019. Review and consideration of comments, finalizing the Environmental document and finalize the Design will be through the winter of 2020. The final environmental document is expected to be approved by July 2020.  Real Estate acquisition phase will begin in the summer of 2020.  Construction is tentatively scheduled for 2022.

Comments can be submitted to the Elkhart County Highway Department attention Kent Schumacher at, 574-533-0538 or the Troyer Group at 574-259-9976