Elkhart County Highway maintains approximately 1150 miles of roadway outside of incorporated cities and towns within the County, and all bridge structures inside and outside cities and towns which are not located on state highways.

Elkhart County Highway is committed to building and maintaining a safe and efficient transportation network.  We work closely with our partners at the Plan Commission, BZA, Redevelopment Commission, and other Departments to fulfill that commitment.   We invite residents, business, industry, and non profits in joining us to make Elkhart County a preferred place to do business and reside.

If you have a concern for a road problem which is not within Elkhart County Highway’s jurisdiction, you may contact the appropriate agency below:

  • City of Elkhart: 574.293.2572
  • City of Goshen: 574.534.9711
  • Town of Bristol: 574.848.7007
  • Town of Middlebury: 574.825.1499
  • Town of Millersburg: 574.642.3976
  • Town of Nappanee: 574.773.4111
  • Town of Wakarusa: 574.862.2245
  • Indiana Department of Transportation: 574.294.3143