CR 40 Reconstruction from SR 19 to CR 7

Past Projects

Design: Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C.

Project Summary: The CR 40 Road Reconstruction Project from SR 19 to CR 7 proposes to improve safety along the roadway corridor for motorized and non-motorized traffic through road reconstruction to include pavement widening and installation of new paved shoulders to provide adequate separation of motorized and non-motorized modes of transportation. The existing roadway is a two-lane rural collector consisting of 11 ft. wide travel lanes in each direction with no paved shoulders. The project proposes to shift the existing CR 40 roadway centerline 9 ft. to the south and increase the total pavement width from 22 ft. to 40 ft. The typical section will provide for a single 12 ft. wide travel lane and 8 ft. paved shoulder in each direction. This additional pavement width, accomplished via shoulder widening, will provide non-motorized vehicles a riding surface separate from the through lanes occupied by the motoring public. The centerline offset is to allow the proposed north side paved shoulder edge to line up with the existing pavement edge; thereby, eliminating the need for relocation of existing utilities along the north side of CR 40. Stage 2 plans have been completed.

CR 40 Public Hearing Exhibit

CR 40 STG2 PlansXsecs 1702848 for Roadway Services

CR 40 ENV DraftEnvDoc 1702848 for Roadway Services