Bridge #152 – Mishawaka Road over Yellow Creek

Location: Between US 33 and Minuteman Way

Designed by: Lochmueller Group

Contractor:  Milestone Contractors

Construction Start Date:  2022

Completion Date:  2023

Estimated Cost: $3,000,000

Funded by: 80% Federal, 20% Local

Project Summary: This bridge is structurally deficient as a result of beam deterioration but does not have a weight limit. The bridge will be completely replaced as part of the work. The work will be performed using partial width construction so that 2 lanes of the 4-lane road will be open at most times during construction.


CR 40 Reconstruction from SR 19 to CR 7

Design: Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C.

Project Summary: The CR 40 Road Reconstruction Project from SR 19 to CR 7 proposes to improve safety along the roadway corridor for motorized and non-motorized traffic through road reconstruction to include pavement widening and installation of new paved shoulders to provide adequate separation of motorized and non-motorized modes of transportation. The existing roadway is a two-lane rural collector consisting of 11 ft. wide travel lanes in each direction with no paved shoulders. The project proposes to shift the existing CR 40 roadway centerline 9 ft. to the south and increase the total pavement width from 22 ft. to 40 ft. The typical section will provide for a single 12 ft. wide travel lane and 8 ft. paved shoulder in each direction. This additional pavement width, accomplished via shoulder widening, will provide non-motorized vehicles a riding surface separate from the through lanes occupied by the motoring public. The centerline offset is to allow the proposed north side paved shoulder edge to line up with the existing pavement edge; thereby, eliminating the need for relocation of existing utilities along the north side of CR 40. Stage 2 plans have been completed.

CR 40 Public Hearing Exhibit

CR 40 STG2 PlansXsecs 1702848 for Roadway Services

CR 40 ENV DraftEnvDoc 1702848 for Roadway Services


CR 38 from CR 31 to SR 13 Corridor Reconstruction

Scheduled Completion: First Phase of CR 31 to CR 35 in 2021; Second Phase of CR 35 through SR 13 in 2023

Bid Price: N/A

Design: Elkhart County Highway Department

Project Summary: Full reconstruction of the CR 38 corridor will occur from CR 31 to SR 13, with added buggy lanes along the shoulders. Construction will be done in two stages, first from CR 31 to CR 35 then from CR 35 to SR 13.

Information and Updates:

October 2015 – Topographic Survey completed

May 2018 – Alignment and profile set and beginning stages of the ROW process

December 2020 – Bid procedure executed for construction.

January 2021 – Contractor selected and contract awarded.

March 29, 2021 – Begin construction on section one of Phase 1. Road closures along CR 38 from CR 31 to CR 35. Only local traffic will be allowed access to this area during construction. Through traffic is encouraged to follow posted detour route.

March 2023 – Begin Construction on Phase 2. Road Closures along CR 38 from CR 35 to CR 41 are expected to continue into October. Only local traffic will be allowed access to this area during construction. Through traffic is encouraged to follow the posted detour route signs.


County Road 18, 13, & 115 Intersection Improvement

Des # 1401749


Current Status – a study of possible alternatives to improve the intersection was completed in February 2018. The preferred alternative is a peanut or elongated roundabout. The final environmental document was approved January 2021. Right of way has been secured for the project. The current project letting is scheduled for November 2022 with construction beginning in 2023.

Comments can be submitted to the Elkhart County Highway Department at, 574-533-0538 or the Troyer Group at 574-259-9976.

CR 18, 13 & 115 Intersection Final CE